Portfolio website for Architect Brendon Farrell

“I have a problem… I tend to love all scales of work.”
It’s a simple, but telling confession from architect, designer and craftsmen Brendon Farrell. Over the past two decades his love of varying scales has lead to designing, creating and problem solving across numerous mediums, vastly different sizes and with a myriad of materials. In Farrell’s mind, “designing a wall piece is not that different from a high rise if approached correctly.”
When Farrell approaches a new design – a building, a home, a light fixture or a system of graphics – no matter the size, he experiences the same thrill of discovery when landing on a beautiful and essential solution.
What you get with a Brendon Farrell design is attention to detail, purity of thought and most importantly, his unique perspective on pairing materials. It’s one of the first things you notice about his work. An elegant leather wall mirror suspends curved glass, a minimal Finnish sauna of polished concrete and raw wood, a jewelry maker’s studio built with clean surfaces and stark white canvas – it’s these fresh combinations that define Farrell’s aesthetic.
Working with Farrell is a collaboration, informed not just by location and materials, but also personal relationships and shared goals.
“I ask for a client to allow me to understand them and develop what they really want. As an architect, I try and guide the design to support the client, to create an environment the client owns instead of me, the designer.”
Brendon Farrell was born and raise in Southern Oregon, received his education at the University of Oregon and is a licensed architect in New York State and Oregon. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon and is available for consultation on all types of design/build projects. His furniture and other goods are available for sale at KEEPS ( vistkeeps.com ) and with various retailers in the United States and Denmark.